Boundary Solutions Inc. has assembled the National ParcelMap Data Portal, or NPDP, the most current digital parcel map databases from jurisdictions throughout the United States released for general use.

This GIS parcel map data service includes seamless coverage for almost all but four major metros in the USA along with seamless coverage of entire states as well as many remote areas.

Terms and conditions for acquiring more jurisdictions are in place for a total of 135 million parcels, 3,141 counties./

Unlike many digital parcel map providers, NPDP content comes with extensive tax roll attributes, including US Postal Service compliant situs (actual) street addresses, valuation, use codes, owner information, year built, unit sales information and many other property characteristics. For your maximum convenience, NPDP is available for your use three different ways:

  1. NPDPDOWLOAD Express – Direct download for unlimited use on your enterprise server. You receive a dedicated download page for accessing a direct download ftp with a back office. Download now, pay layer. Pricing on a county or parcel count basis.
  2. ParcelAtlas.com – Web-based deployment of the full NPDP on a Silverlight MapDotNet platform. As little as four keystrokes can find an address. ParcelAtlas API easily enables quick addition of a parcel layer to existing GeoServer displays, as well any special functionality you want to add. Billing according the total assigned unlimited use passwords.
  3. ParcelAtlas Microsoft Azure Cloud – BSI’s NPDP has been selected by Microsoft as best-of-breed national parcel layer for their new Azure MarketPlace DataMarket data depot for industry’s fastest data node for mixing and matching offerings from forty different data vendors. Billing is with Microsoft on a transaction basis only.

Watch this video for a solid understanding of what a National Parcel Layer is all about.

Is it Expensive?

Visit our order page and select your parcel maps from 180 metropolitan areas. Let us know what you want. Receive an instant quote. Be surprised by the low price. Don’t see what you need? Call us. Our database is constantly being updated.


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