Just a Few More Counties to go for BSI NPDP to offer 100% Coverage in ALL Metro Counties

BSI began the National Parcel Layer industry in 2001 by introducing the National ParcelMAP Data Portal (NPDP). Since then, BSI has toiled relentlessly to complete and keep current the NPDP, eventually all 3,144 Counties. The NPDP Patent filed in 2002, awarded 2006, has served as the blueprint for every NPL service offering that locates an address by displaying its parcel boundary within a national parcel map. Developed entirely on revenue, BSI has grown the NPDP over the years to well over 110M parcels, kept it current, and is now within striking distance of parity with competing offerings at 3X – 6X the price. But for some, the NPDP is already there. For those whose business involves people and assets only in built-up metropolitan areas, BSI is right up there at >93% coverage, meaning misses are rare. Want premium 300 attribute dense Tax Roll records (typically 6 figures from others) for just a few dollars more, give us a call to find out how.



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