BSI National Parcel Layer Content service Just Hit 130,000,000 Parcels

BSI is pleased to announce that after seventeen years in market, our flagship product, the National ParcelMap Data Portal (NPDP) has just been expanded to 130,000,000 parcels in 2,582 counties. All content is rich in tax roll information and subject to back office processing that normalizes all content to a single spatial protocol, performs flawless high-end geometry clean-and-build, re-projects the data to a single common world projection, and is supported by the most comprehensive metadata in the industry. This national parcel layer is rich in situs and owner information as well as valuation, year built, floor area and use code among some 20 other metrics. BSI value-add is not content as much as currency. Some of the NPDPs other advantages are:

– ParcelAtlas. Recently posted to the Cloud for lightning fast performance out-of-the box or API for integration with all platforms – GOOGLE and ArcGIS.

– Lowest Price. Online or DOWNLOAD. Try out the Order Page. See how BSI saves you money on both small and bulk orders (pricing available upon request).

– Highly Current. Best efforts to keep all stock with version dates of less than 12 months.

– Perpetual License. Subscribe once, use forever. Only pay updated frees where you need it and a new version is available.

– Detailed Metadata. Metadata includes Version, Completeness, ACC, %OWN, %SITUS, %USE CODE & %Characteristics (value, year built, floor area, use code, etc.).

– Change Detection. Acquire digital parcel data for same area for two to eight different years including 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

– US Postal Service Compliant (10 field) situs. Ten matched fields – perfect joining to other USPS compliant records.

– QDDR. Every quarter you receive a Quarterly Data Disposition Report listing ADDED CONTENT, UPDATED CONTENT and ALL CONTENT.

– Free Consulting. Program development consulting from long time GIS veterans, at no cost with any NPDP/ParcelAtlas Subscription.

– IP Advantage. Comes with the right to locate an address within a national parcel layer by displaying its parcel boundary: Patents 7,092, 957 & 7,499,946, and 7,516,156.



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