Back to Back Cataclysmic Disaster Wakes 2MAPS up from its Slumber

2MAPS is a parcel-level Climate Change Reversal Geospatial model that was destined to be mounted on FGDC sponsored GEOPLATFORM.GOV, joining the other layers of the National Map. 2MAPS rates every parcel in America for Relative WALK and TRANSIT Potential to best pinpoint where affordable housing and basic retail should be located. These parcels maximize the number of people who can live and work in the town to reduce trip generation enough to end gridlock and associated gratuitous carbon. Though it is not likely 2MAPS will have a berth on GEOPLATFORM any time soon, a 2MAPS based Affordable Housing Overlay is being adopted by Mill Valley that translates 2MAPS into geospatial protocol that optimizes the location 100% under market development. The Marin County Grand Jury is also considering 2MAPS as a blueprint for under market development for the county and all the other cities to increase the number of people who live and work in the town as anecdote to egregious carbon footprint from local and regional gridlock due to the displacement of local retail and work force. So if you are alarmed that Climate Change may already be here, keep in mind that 30% of the problem is transportation carbon with gridlock highly accentuating carbon footprint. Much of this can be mitigated by enabling more people to live where they work rather than be burdened by long commutes from where they can afford rent.



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