BSI National Parcel Layer Content service Just Hit 130,000,000 Parcels

BSI is pleased to announce that after seventeen years in market, our flagship product, the National ParcelMap Data Portal (NPDP) has just been expanded to 130,000,000 parcels in 2,582 counties. All content is rich in tax roll information and subject to back office processing that normalizes all content to a single spatial protocol, performs flawless high-end geometry clean-and-build, re-projects the data to a single common world projection, and is supported by the most comprehensive metadata in the industry. This national parcel layer is rich in situs and owner information as well as valuation, year built, floor area and use code among some 20 other metrics. BSI value-add is not content as much as currency. Some of the NPDPs other advantages are:

– ParcelAtlas. Recently posted to the Cloud for lightning fast performance out-of-the box or API for integration with all platforms – GOOGLE and ArcGIS.

– Lowest Price. Online or DOWNLOAD. Try out the Order Page. See how BSI saves you money on both small and bulk orders (pricing available upon request).

– Highly Current. Best efforts to keep all stock with version dates of less than 12 months.

– Perpetual License. Subscribe once, use forever. Only pay updated frees where you need it and a new version is available.

– Detailed Metadata. Metadata includes Version, Completeness, ACC, %OWN, %SITUS, %USE CODE & %Characteristics (value, year built, floor area, use code, etc.).

– Change Detection. Acquire digital parcel data for same area for two to eight different years including 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

– US Postal Service Compliant (10 field) situs. Ten matched fields – perfect joining to other USPS compliant records.

– QDDR. Every quarter you receive a Quarterly Data Disposition Report listing ADDED CONTENT, UPDATED CONTENT and ALL CONTENT.

– Free Consulting. Program development consulting from long time GIS veterans, at no cost with any NPDP/ParcelAtlas Subscription.

– IP Advantage. Comes with the right to locate an address within a national parcel layer by displaying its parcel boundary: Patents 7,092, 957 & 7,499,946, and 7,516,156.



Back to Back Cataclysmic Disaster Wakes 2MAPS up from its Slumber

2MAPS is a parcel-level Climate Change Reversal Geospatial model that was destined to be mounted on FGDC sponsored GEOPLATFORM.GOV, joining the other layers of the National Map. 2MAPS rates every parcel in America for Relative WALK and TRANSIT Potential to best pinpoint where affordable housing and basic retail should be located. These parcels maximize the number of people who can live and work in the town to reduce trip generation enough to end gridlock and associated gratuitous carbon. Though it is not likely 2MAPS will have a berth on GEOPLATFORM any time soon, a 2MAPS based Affordable Housing Overlay is being adopted by Mill Valley that translates 2MAPS into geospatial protocol that optimizes the location 100% under market development. The Marin County Grand Jury is also considering 2MAPS as a blueprint for under market development for the county and all the other cities to increase the number of people who live and work in the town as anecdote to egregious carbon footprint from local and regional gridlock due to the displacement of local retail and work force. So if you are alarmed that Climate Change may already be here, keep in mind that 30% of the problem is transportation carbon with gridlock highly accentuating carbon footprint. Much of this can be mitigated by enabling more people to live where they work rather than be burdened by long commutes from where they can afford rent.


NPDPChangeDetection now Offers Six Years of Change: 2010 – 2015

Since 2010, the National ParcelMap Data Portal (NPDP) database has almost tripled from 700 to near 1,900 counties (65M-115M parcels). Along the way, BSI has compiled NPDPChangeDetection, a multiyear archival of all content in the NPDP database on or about May 1 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. 2015, 2016 and 2017. The NPDP Change Detection Coverage Table shown below indicates the year each county in the NPDP was first attained ‘ATTAINED” with The number on the right referring to the number of times the version date changed during the seven year period from 2010-17. All national NPDP subscriptions come with 4 archival NPDP layers at no extra charge. In addition, NPDPChangeDetection reports are available to all as follows. First download the NPDP Change Detection Coverage Table┬áto determine whether there is enough coverage since 2010 to satisfy your needs. Then follow the instructions to submit a request. In return, you will receive digital parcel mapping for one mile around the subject parcel in subject county for each available YEAR requested.


Introducing NPDP VALUATOR: MULTISTATE Seamless Parcel Boundaries with Sales Price/Date/Other Information

Recently, BSI has seen a uptick in NPDP Subscribers and prospects who want do analysis of Sales Price and Date values assigned to parcels across multiple states. Highly successful ventures to accommodate this need have resulted in excellent terms with multiple tax roll attribute sources which enables BSI to offer perhaps industry’s greatest possible coverage at the lowest possible price. The map below shows the patterns of counties for which BSI can deliver digital parcel maps complete with not just the combination of attributes below, but enriched beyond that typically available direct from the counties. To hold down costs, the same content can be available to your desktop (along with 240 other attributes) on a per click basis (NPDPEnhanced Data Stream).Either way, BSI has found this combination of source to enable the building and maintenance of this data stream with content and currency not seen before.


Just a Few More Counties to go for BSI NPDP to offer 100% Coverage in ALL Metro Counties

BSI began the National Parcel Layer industry in 2001 by introducing the National ParcelMAP Data Portal (NPDP). Since then, BSI has toiled relentlessly to complete and keep current the NPDP, eventually all 3,144 Counties. The NPDP Patent filed in 2002, awarded 2006, has served as the blueprint for every NPL service offering that locates an address by displaying its parcel boundary within a national parcel map. Developed entirely on revenue, BSI has grown the NPDP over the years to well over 110M parcels, kept it current, and is now within striking distance of parity with competing offerings at 3X – 6X the price. But for some, the NPDP is already there. For those whose business involves people and assets only in built-up metropolitan areas, BSI is right up there at >93% coverage, meaning misses are rare. Want premium 300 attribute dense Tax Roll records (typically 6 figures from others) for just a few dollars more, give us a call to find out how.


2MAPS Codified as Location Policy for Affordable Housing Ordinance

BSI is quite pleased to report that in the two years since 2MAPS (see below) became statute in the Mill Valley American Planning Association award winning Housing Element, it has been highly instrumental in shaping the communities understanding of the relationship between traffic gridlock and affordable housing. With the average home sales price ever going up in this highly desirable town, the rents are so high that it has become impossible for people to live in the town they work in. Worse to make rent, they have to live in the next county and beyond creating vehicular gridlock (acerbated carbon footprint) locally and all over the region. Also, recent increase in Climate Change Denial puts the onus on those who do cherish life to double their efforts to Reverse Climate Change where they can. These two forces have resulted in a DRAFT Mill Valley Affordable Housing Ordinance that is strident about expediting affordable housing in the town. The following are Ordinance protocols based on 2MAPS for setting incentives to develop in just the right areas to realize the greatest reduction in gridlock/carbon footprint..

EXCERPT from MV DRAFT Affordable Housing Ordinance:
1. Implement the Housing Element of the General Plan, and the requirements of
State law.

2. Create a balanced community with a wide variety of housing available to
households of all income levels with an emphasis of locating mixed use
development in just the right places so that:

  1. a) Local workforce housing is in the most walkable and transit intensive areas for
    the greatest reduction in vehicular commute trips
  2. b) Added basic retail in highly walkable, transit intensive areas to maximize
    reduction in vehicular service trips
  3. c) Combined trip generation reduction for elimination of vehicular traffic gridlock

3. Increase the supply of Affordable Housing Units following, as much as possible,
recognized Sustainable Communities principles to locating additional housing as
much as possible near intense transit stops and in highly walkable areas.


The How and What of 2MAPS, Sustainable Development Spatial Policy

LIVE RETRIEVAL – Automated Digital Parcel Map Boundaries Polygon Transmission to your Desktop

In the sixteen years that BSI has been providing national parcel layer content services, there have been growing requests by existing and potential Subscribers to be able to extract parcel boundary data off the web and deliver selected parcels to the end user in (live) shp file format. For a variety of reasons ParcelAtlas, BSI’s online NPL deployment, is not set up to do this. As a much more direct response to this growing subscriber need, BSI is introducing LIVE RETRIEVAL where the Subscriber uses a wizard provided by BSI to initiate a request by transmitting a desired shp file of one or more polygons across the internet to the LIVE RETRIEVAL Server, an array of some 2,000 live (live) shp files (110M parcels). The transmitted polygon is automatically intersected with the parcels in one or more counties and the resulting parcel polygons within or crossing Subscriber Polygon(s) are transmitted across the Web as a live shp file containing all parcels within or crossing the boundary. Call BSI regarding a setup fee and per transmitted parcel polygon payment schedule.2016_Oct_Art2

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